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Graduation phase

Graduation phase

When does student status actually cease to exist? Until when can you use or apply student benefits such as health insurance or working student regulations? This does not always depend on exmatriculation!


BAföG funding ends at the latest when the graduation results are announced.

Statutory health insurance obligation of students

This ends at the end of the last semester for which you are enrolled. This even applies if you exmatriculate during the current semester. As an example, the semester runs from April to September. The de-registration takes place in mid-May and you are only working a mini-job. In this case, the student health insurance remains valid until the end of September.

Family insurance

Ends with exmatriculation, provided that all exams have already been taken.


The entitlement to aid is directly linked to the child benefit.

Child benefit

The decisive factor is when you take your last exam: this can be both before exmatriculation and after (if possible within the university).

If you are between two stages of education, you may be entitled to child benefits during this transitional period: e.g. between bachelor and master studies, traineeship or internship. You can find the exact interpretations in the service instructions for child benefits.

Jobbing under working student status

The possibility of working under the status of a working student ceases at the end of the month in which you have been officially informed in writing of the overall result of the examination.

Unemployment benefit II

Since the BAföG entitlement ceases with the last examination result, an application for unemployment benefit II ("Arbeitslosengeld II" / ALG II) can be made - despite enrollment.

(Half-)Orphan's pension

The university education ends with the taking of the final examination, if the examination result ("passed" or "failed") is announced at the same time. If the result is announced later, the time of announcement is decisive.