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Sustainability at Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen

Our definition of sustainability

For us, sustainability means protecting natural resources as best as possible in the long term and not just looking at short-term benefits or successes. In doing so, we want to achieve a balance between ecological, economic and social sustainability.

In particular, we want to:

keep waste generation as low as possible through avoidance, reduction, recycling and reuse.

keep the use of energy as low as possible through technical and organisational precautions and our own behaviour. The goal is the exclusive use of renewable energies.

keep environmental pollution as low as possible through technical and organisational precautions and own behaviour.

support fair and environmentally friendly working and production conditions in our company and in the entire service and supply chain.

motivate our colleagues and customers to participate and join forces with third parties who also pursue the goal of promoting sustainability.

To achieve these goals, we have convened an annual sustainability conference. The implementation of the measures decided there is accompanied by our sustainability coordinator Doreen Dreier.

Green pot - our sustainability promotion

Initiatives like "Fridays for Future" and "Students for Future" show that the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for students. For you too? Apply to us for funding from our Green Pot for your project, concept or initiative with a focus on ecological sustainability. We are also happy to advise you and help with networking. We will be happy to present your project results via our communication platforms.

Funding is available for projects that are initiated and carried out by students and relate to one of our universities or the Studentenwerk. We are looking for concrete, practical ideas that make ecological sustainability realisable and tangible, e.g. events for exchanging ideas about the environment, measures to preserve and restore nature or the development and use of innovative products and processes.

How do we fund? How do you submit an application? You can find out more about the Green Pot in the download area.

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