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Portal for residents

Portal for residents

  • Bromberger Straße 44, 31141 Hildesheim

Everything you need to know about living in the Blauer Kamp dormitory!

Dormitory ABC

  • Accommodation confirmation: See registration office
  • Airing: 3 times a day for a few minutes with the window wide open
  • Bicycle parking: A bicycle room is available in the basement. Further parking spaces are in front of the house.
  • Broadcasting fees: More information at www.rundfunkbeitrag.de. You have already received further information about the broadcasting fees with the rental contract.
  • Certificate of enrolment: Please present your valid certificate of enrolment to the service assistant at the beginning of each semester. It can be uploaded via the portal.
  • Cleaning: Common rooms, bathrooms and halls are only cleaned once a week for support. The tenants have to clean the rooms independently after soiling or use, respectively.
  • Cleaning of the hob: Please clean the hob and the oven properly after use.
  • Clerk: Responsible for all matters relating to the rental contract
  • Damage report: You can file a damage report via the portal.
  • Deposit repayment: approx. 6 weeks after the termination of the rental contract
  • Doorbell labelling: Performed by the service assistant when you move in, also for subtenants
  • Dryer: See washing machines / dryers
  • Duration of residence: Currently limited to a maximum of 5 years
  • Emergency exits / escape routes: It is essential to keep escape routes clear! Please observe the according signs.
  • Energy costs: Please switch off the light when leaving the room. Also turn off the heater if the window is open.
  • Fan in the bathroom: Filters are regularly changed by employees of the Student Services.
  • Fire alarm: See smoke detector
  • Fire extinguishers: Located in every corridor of the shared flats. In the case of negligent use, additional costs will arise for the residents responsible.
  • Furniture: The existing furniture mustn’t be swapped out.
  • GEZ: See broadcasting fees
  • Heating / thermostat: Night setback of the heating takes place between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • House rules: Please observe the house rules in the dormitory. You can find these in the rental terms in the download area.
  • Internet: You get Internet access with the rental contract. You can find the user agreement in the download area.
  • Letterbox(labelling):Performed by the service assistant when you move in. Please also contact the service assistant if you are a subtenant.
  • Liability insurance: Included with the conclusion of the rental contract (more information in the download area)
  • Loss of keys: Contact the locksmith.
  • Mensa card:See student ID
  • Mobile phone number: Please give your current mobile phone number to the service assistant.
  • Moving: Moving or exchanging is possible for a fee of 25 €. If you wish to move within the dormitories, please apply again and contact the responsible clerk. You can also submit an exchange application via the portal.
  • Moving out: Make an appointment with the service assistant 14 days before moving out
  • Online damage report: See defect report
  • Pets: Not allowed in the dormitory
  • Post (delivery): There is a letterbox for each apartment. Please be sure to provide the room number and wing (Ost, Nord-West or Süd-West) in the address!
  • Pre­‐acceptance:You have to make an appointment with the service assistant for the pre-­acceptance within 3 days after submitting your cancellation. The current condition of the room is recorded for the purpose of any renovation after moving out.
  • Quiet times: Can be found in the house rules (more information: See house rules)
  • Registration office / citizens' office: Register within 14 days after moving in with the accommodation confirmation that you receive from the service assistant when you move in.
  • Residence: See registration office
  • Residence entitlement: Every student is entitled who is enrolled at the universities in our area of responsibility.
  • Room exchange: See moving
  • Room temperature: Please ensure that the room temperature is constant. Don’t let the room cool down for a longer period.
  • Security: Please close doors and windows when leaving the room/apartment
  • Service assistant: Responsible for moving in and moving out, handing over of the keys and everything related to life in the dormitory
  • Shared kitchens/bathrooms: Must be left clean after each use
  • Shower/ silicone: Please wipe the shower with a dry cloth after each use to prevent mould formation
  • Smoke detectors: Available. Never open or manipulate the device yourself! Maintenance is performed by the company Sikomm. Defective smoke detectors are reported automatically to the company.
  • Smoking: Prohibited in all halls and common rooms!
  • Storage rooms: There are no storage rooms at the dormitory.
  • Student ID:The electronic student ID can also be used as a library card and cafeteria card. More about UNI-Card (Uni Hildesheim) and HAWK-Card
  • Subletting: Possible under certain conditions. You will receive the sublease agreement from your responsible clerk.
  • Tableware: NOT included. All tenants are responsible for dishes themselves.
  • Termination: In the case of the semester contract, termination is possible with a notice period of two months to the end of the semester (more information in the rental contract).
  • TV: Cable TV connection socket is available in every room.
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Washer/dryer:Are available and can be used without a fee. Detergent is added automatically and mustn’t be added yourself. Please do NOT dry your laundry in the room, apartment or hall!
  • Waste/-­separation: Please separate waste and dispose of it properly on a regular basis. Waste bins are available in / at the dormitory. Waste bins are available for the following types of waste:
    Residual waste = grey
    Plastic waste = yellow
    Paper / cardboard = blue
    What belongs in which bin?
    There are public containers for glass and cardboard/paper available near the dormitory.

Emergency numbers

LocksmithCompany Stegert, Phone (05121) 156 41
or Mobile (0171) 214 15 93
Emergency on-call duty (until 10.00 p.m.)Klaus Layda: Mobile (0152) 56 71 21 41
Fire brigade112
Rescue directing centre19 222
Medical on-call duty116 117
Poison control centre(0551) 192 40

Cleaning of common rooms

In the 3-­person and 4-­person shared flats, the common rooms are cleaned supportively once a week (see kitchen door for dates). For each cleaning appointment, the tenants must prepare the following:

  • In the kitchen, please clear the cupboard surfaces, the stove, the sink, the table, the windowsill and the floor.
  • Please clear all storage areas and the floor in the shower room / toilet.
  • Please clear the floor in the hall as far as possible.

Despite the weekly cleaning, we expect all tenants to leave the common rooms in a tidy, neat condition after use. The hob and the oven must be left clean after each use. Please also read our rental conditions point 10.

Please make sure not to hinder the cleaning staff in their work and support them with the appropriate preparations ­‐ it also serves your own well­‐being!