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Coronavirus news ticker

The government of Lower Saxony has once again extended the standard period of study. This also has an impact on BAföG funding. more info


The psychological counselling centre in Hildesheim (PBS) is operating in "2G"-mode. more information

Next week, Mensa 2 (from 15.11.) and Mensa Clausthal (from 16.11.) will open "2G"-areas in which it is possible to dine on-site. Guests that want to use these areas need to register in advance in our web app. All other guests can still get their food to go, without registration. All further info

On Monday, 25.10.the Mensa 1and 9bar in Braunschweig, Uni-Mensa in Hildesheim and Mensa Lüneburg will open their dining halls under the "2G"-rule (including only vaccinated or recovered people). Guests must register in advance in a web app. All further info

In the coming weeks, several Mensas will reopen that have been closed to the pandemic until now. Overview

From the beginning of September, we will again be offering personal consultation hours in the areas of student financing and housing. Appointments must be booked in advance via an online appointment system. Further information on the pages of the corresponding department or location.

In cooperation with the TU Clausthal and the vaccination center of the city of Goslar, we offer a vaccination appointment for all students and employees of the TU Clausthal on July 30. more info

The government of Lower Saxony has once again extended the standard period of study. This also has an impact on BAföG funding. more info

At the cafeterias, it is allowed again to consume food within a 50 m perimeter.
The day-care centres are no longer operating in emergency mode.

From Monday, April 12, the food truck will be on the road again. The truck will stop at Universitätsplatz and NFF in Braunschweig as well as in Salzgitter and Wolfenbüttel. more info

TU Clausthal has set up a rapid testing center at the Mensa for students who need to take their exams in-person. more info

The government of Lower Saxony has extended the normal period of study due to the pandemic. Previously, student representatives and the Studentenwerke (student services) of Lower Saxony had spoken out in favour of this step. The extended period of study has impact on the BAföG grant: more information

From Monday, March 29 the child care centres in Braunschweig will operate in emergency mode again.

From today on, the day-care centres will be open again for all children.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has announced that the interim financial aid for students will continue until September 2021.

In a joint letter to secretary Bjorn Thümler, the heads of the Studentenwerke (student services) of Lower Saxony ask to further extend the normal period of study due to the pandemic.

The bistro4u is closed from Mon, February 1 until further notice.

Starting today, medical masks ("surgical masks", FFP2 masks or masks with N95- or KN95 certification) have to be worn in our facilities. Self made- or community masks, scarves and rags are no longer permitted.

The foodtruck Hildesheim has stopped its service until further notice. Takeaway food will be available at Uni Mensa Hildesheim from January 18.


At the cafeterias, it is no longer allowed to consume food within a 50 m perimeter.
The day-care centres will operate in emergency mode. Parents are asked to keep their children at home.

Due to the lockdown, some cafeterias are entering their winter breaks earlier than planned. All closures are compiled here.

The Bridging Aid from the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is continuing. Applications can be submitted starting immediately and until the end of the winter semester. more information

Owing to a lack of demand, the bistro4u Wolfsburg will stay closed from Monday, 23 November.

The Studentenwerk has installed en emergency fund for students in acute crises. more information
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has announced that the Bridging Aid will be reactivated. As of right now, the exact when the application process will resume is unclear. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.

On Monday, 9 November, the bistro4u in Wolfsburg opened again. more information

On Monday, 2 November, the bistro4u NFF will open again and offer food to take away. 360° will close but Mensa 1 will open again.

All in-person appointments in the departments of Housing, Service and Finances are cancelled as of today. The staff is available via telephone and e-mail.

From Monday, 26 October Mensa Suderburg will open again. In Hildesheim, the foodtruck is on a new schedule and will make several stops across town every day: Bühler Campus, Campus and Domäne.

Starting today and in cooperation with the restaurant "Luthers Carpe Diem", we are offering warm meals in Suderburg again. more information

From Monday, 10 October, Cafeteria Wolfenbüttel and bistro4u Salzgitter will open again. Both locations are offering warm food to take away.

From Monday, 21 September, 360° in Braunschweig will be open again and offer two warm meals and one type of pizza per day.

As of yesterday, the foodtruck in Braunschweig is on a new schedule. Twice a week, it will now visit the HBK campus, so students there can not only get fresh food but also load money on their (Mensa)Cards, e. g. in order to use the washing machines in the dormitories. All currently accessible charging stations are summed up here.

The finances and housing departments are offering in-person-office-hours again, starting 18.08. (finances) and 25.08. (housing) respectively.

The quarantine of the Clausthal dormitory has ended, all residents are allowed to leave the premises again.

After five residents of a dormitory in Clausthal have tested positive for Covid19, the health department has put the whole house into quarantine. The other residents as well as contact persons will be tested today. While the situation is mainly handled by the responsible authorities, the Studentenwerk is on-site as well to, among other things, provide the students with information. more [in German]

Processing and assessment of the application for the briding aid starts today.

From Monday, June 29, we are opening the Mensa Lüneburg: Monday through Friday from noon to 2.00 p.m. All food is takeaway-only.

Due to technical reasons beyond our control, processing and assessment of the applications for the briding aid will now start on June 29.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic with allowances totalling 100 million euros. They are paid out via the student service organisations – the Studierenden- or Studentenwerk (STW). The online application proccess for the bridging aid starts on 16th of June 2020 on, from 12 p.m. onwards. However, for technical reasons, we will only be able to process and assess the applications and initiate payments after the 25th of June 2020. further information

From mid-August we expect to offer consultation hours locally in the Service Centres for Housing and Study Financing. To assure all the hygiene- and safety measures, the students have to arrange appointments.

We are currently not planning on opening more cafeterias, even though it would theoretically be possible from Monday on. We are awaiting the further plans of the universities.

From Thursday, May 07, we are opening the Cafeteria at Mensa 2 Braunschweig, Mon – Fri 8.00 a. m. – 2.00 p. m. We are offering a selection of takeaway food including sandwiches, baked goods, cold and warm drinks as well as warm meals. menu

In order to support students from Clausthal who are undergoing serious financial constraints due to the corona pandemic, the TU Clausthal has set up an emergency assistance fund for students, which is financed exclusively from private funds and donations. The allocation of funds is organised by the Student Services in a transparent process with the participation of the university and is subject to the fulfilment of strict criteria. So far, € 35,000 have been collected. Until the middle of May, students at the TU Clausthal can apply for funding at the Student Services. Please note again: the application must be complete! Information on the award criteria as well as the application form can be found here: details on the emergency assistance fund https://www.tu-clausthal.de/corona/studierende/corona-nothilfefonds-fuer-studierende-der-tu-clausthal

Today, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research announced that interim aids will be provided for students who got into financial distress as a result of the corona pandemic. German and foreign students will be able to receive interest-free loans of up to € 650 a month via the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW, Reconstruction Loan Corporation). In addition, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is providing the student services organised by the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) with 100 million euros for their emergency funds as a non-repayable grant for students in particularly acute emergencies. As of next week, the umbrella organisation DSW will clarify the actual procedure and the framework conditions for emergency aid with the ministry. The Student Services OstNiedersachsen is doing its utmost to ensure that this help can be given to the students in need as quickly as possible. To the press release of the DSW https://www.studentenwerke.de/de/content/wichtige-bundes- AIDS-f%C3%BCr-notleidende

Today, a cultural platform with digital offers for students from all locations was launched. Although the originally planned on-site events had to be cancelled until the end of June, the staff members of the cultural offices are still working and the Student Services OstNiedersachsen continues to support cultural ideas and projects. In the weeks to come, it would like to work with the students on digital exhibitions, compile cultural tips from the region and offer selected workshops of the cultural partners or lecturers digitally. Ideas and suggestions are very welcome! Cultural platform: https://www.stw-on.de/kultur/

From Wednesday, April 22 two food trucks are on the move to supply the students in Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel with food.We are offering sandwiches, baked goods as well as cold and hot drinks and two warm meals per day. The current schedule and menu is available here.

The cafeterias remain closed at least until 17.05. as of now. However, from Monday, 20.04. we will open up the Cafeteria Clausthal and offer a selection of takeaway food. In Hildesheim, a food truck will supply warm lunch every weekday at the dormitory Blauer Kamp. For Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel food trucks will operate from Wednesday, 22.04. Strict hygiene- and safety measures are in place at all facilities.

All events by the culture/culture and leisure centres Clausthal, Hildesheim and Lüneburg until the end of june are cancelled. However, we are looking forward to reschedule many of the plenned eventes to a later date. We are also currently preparing a range of online courses for the meantime.

Even though public access to the Study Finances office has been stopped, applications for BAföG are still processed as usual. The team is available via telephone and e-mail.

Social and psychotherapeutical counselling offices are still open. Students should call or write an e-mail in advance for opening hours and to avoid waiting times. Counselling sessions via phone are also possible.

Following the federal government decision, all canteens, cafeterias and bistros will be closed from Monday, 23.03.2020.

9bar and Cafeteria Mensa 2 in Braunschweig will remain closed from 20.03. until 19.04. Furthermore, Mensa 1 will no longer open on saturdays during this period.

The hygiene- and safety measures in our canteens are further enhanced:

  • Cutlery is handed out by staff. Guests can also bring their own cutlery.
  • Doors are staying opened, handles are disinfected on a regular basis.
  • Canteens will be ventilated on a regular basis.
  • Space between the seats in the dining hall is enhanced.

The following canteens remain open as part of the basic services: Mensa 1, 9bar, Mensa 2 + Cafeteria, bistro4u in Braunschweig, Mensa Clausthal, Uni-Mensa Hildesheim, Mensa Lüneburg, Mensa Wolfenbüttel. We are in permant contact to the local health departments and, partly, crisis units.

The following canteens and bistros remain closed from 18.03. until 19.04.:

  • Braunschweig: Mensa HBK/Kantina Kreativa, Abendmensa Mensa 1, 360°, Audimax-Foodtruck, Campus Pavillon
  • Clausthal: Cafeteria (you'll find a restricted breakfast in the Mensa)
  • Hildesheim: Mensa Hohnsen, Ca[r]feteria, Bistro Lübecker Straße
  • Holzminden: Mensa
  • Lüneburg: The Mensa remains open but offers no breakfast.
  • Suderburg: Mensa
  • Salzgitter: Mensa, bistro4u
  • Wolfenbüttel: Cafeteria
  • Wolfsburg: bistro4u

The other canteens remain open as part of the basic services. We are in permant contact to the local health departments and, partly, crisis units.
We have again enhanced our already very high hygiene standards. Please mind our further notices and conduct yourself in a way that helps to stop the spreading of the virus.

The social counselling office Braunschweig is closed to public access, as are all other offices at the TU Braunschweig service centre. Office hours are therefore cancelled, though the office is still available via phone and e-mail.

Going forward, consultation during the office hours of the psychological counselling Lüneburg is only possible via phone. All further appointments go forward as planned.

All events by our culture centres/culture and leisure centres in Clausthal, Hildesheim and Lüneburg are cancelled until the end of april. The centres are closed to the public, although they are available via e-mail and phone.

The Mensas and cafeterias are still open. Please keep a distance to your fellow guests - e. g. while queueing. Only use every second chair in the dining halls.

From the 16.03. on, the public traffic in the Service Centres for Housing is stopped. If you want to pick up your rental contracts or have any according questions, please contact the assistant via phone or write an email to servicestw-onde.

From the 16.03. on, the public traffic in the section of Study Financing is stopped. However, the assistants are still available via email and phone. The contact details can be found on our website in the Finances / Find your Assistant section.

Appointments and consultation hours in the advice centres will continue to take place on schedule. The premises are equipped with rules of behaviour.

At the instruction of the state government, all daycare centres will be closed from Monday, March 16th, 2020 on. According to the current status, the daycare centres should open again on April 20, 2020.

We will not offer emergency groups for care. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs only allows emergency care for cases in which the parents work in so-called critical infrastructures. These include in particular the following professional groups: employees in the health-, medical- and nursing sector, employees in the police sector, emergency services, civil protection and fire brigades, employees in the law enforcement including prisons, involuntary treatment and comparable areas.

We temporarily take the following measures in the canteens, bistros and cafeterias:

  • No cash payment at the cash desks. Instead, guests can pay with their HochschulCard, staff- or guest card (available at the cafeteria management). Vending machines to load the cards are still available.
  • Salads, soups, pasta, desserts are only offered in portions and no longer in self-service.
  • If you want to, you can bring your own cutlery from home instead of using the cafeteria cutlery. Cutlery boxes are equipped with a sneeze guard and are replaced and cleaned even more frequently.
  • In the 9bar, cups that are brought along won’t be filled anymore. The recup system is not affected because only freshly rinsed cups are dispensed there. In order to avoid contact with used cups, the cup is returned via a collection container.
  • Napkins are now only available in dispensers that allow individual removal.
  • For surfaces that are touched several times by many people, e.g. door handles, light switches and banisters, there are additional intermediate cleaning procedures.
  • Extended guidelines on hand hygiene will apply at the goods receiving department.

There are currently no restrictions on work processes and opening times planned for the main cash register in Braunschweig and the secondary cash registers at the locations. Cash is accepted and paid out there as usual.

The babies- and children's bazaar on Sunday, March 29th at Mensa 1 won’t take place.

The employees in the dormitories are provided with information material for the residents and can give them advice and rules of conduct.

Disinfectant dispensers won’t be set up in the cafeterias and service centres any more. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • After consultation with our company doctor, hand disinfection in public buildings isn’t recommended from a medical point of view. Washing your hands thoroughly is sufficient or even better, also because disinfection can have a harmful effect on the skin, which is an important barrier against germs.
  • Disinfectants are only effective if they are used properly. There is a great risk that our guests will be lulled into a false sense of security after improper disinfection, so that they will no longer wash their hands thoroughly. That would be counterproductive.
  • Disinfectants are currently scarce and there are supply bottlenecks. Therefore, they should be reserved for those who really need it, especially in medical facilities.
  • Disinfectants are oxidising through to extremely flammable. Thus, we would create an increased danger in our rooms, which is critical in regard to fire protection.

The crisis team meets for the first time and agrees to continue the operation of the individual facilities as usual until the health department decides otherwise. Important interfaces are equipped with home office access, so that important processes continue to run even in case of emergency (e.g. payment of invoices).