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Tipps gegen den Corona-Koller

Corona Tantrums?

How you can prevent your own personal "corona crisis"

Follow a regular daily schedule or create one for yourself
Many dates or social contacts that previously structured your week and your day are cancelled. Be your own boss! Set yourself fixed times for work and leisure, for being online and offline, being alone and being in contact. And don't forget: be awake during the day and sleep at night ;-)

The goal:
finding your own rhythm, staying efficient.

Pay attention to what you demand from your head
Studying online requires a lot of time on your computer, and many of your social contacts may also take place online. Take care not to get lost in the virtual world and refrain from consuming and spreading fake news or horror stories, which will make you panic. Treat your head to analogue breaks – for fresh air, eating, drinking, exercise, social contacts. Otherwise it will crack up!

The goal:
maintaining concentration, not losing touch with reality.

Exercise regularly
Do this preferably in the open air. During stress, messenger substances are released that put the body in a state of alert. It either wants to fight or flee, and if it can't, either despair and hopelessness increase or the tension grows to the point of aggressiveness. You can prevent this by becoming active: work out, go for a walk, do relaxation exercises. Do this every day, even if you don't feel like it or if it is unusual at the beginning.

The goal:
reducing the stress hormones.

Accept unpleasant feelings
It is perfectly normal and not a sign of mental illness if you sometimes feel anxious, helpless, sad, desperate and thin-skinned. Or confused. Or impatient. Feelings are not the problem. It only becomes difficult if you suppress sadness, if you let out your anger uncontrolledly or if you avoid unpleasant feelings by means of addictive behaviour. Find out what helps you to sort and handle your feelings. This can be your diary, a nice activity or a person who listens and takes time for you.

The goal:
finding creative and socially acceptable ways to deal with sadness, boredom, fear and anger and to balance your feelings.

Maintain social contacts and get involved in meaningful projects
Maybe it feels like you are the loneliest person in the world or like the whole world has conspired against you. But you're not alone with that, sometimes we all feel that way. Keep in touch with other people! Thank the postman. Go for a walk with the dog of the sick neighbour. Call your grandma and ask how she is. Send postcards. Or look for a project in which you can make meaningful commitments together with other friendly people.

The goal:
people being appreciative and respectful of one another and treating each other considerately is the most effective protection against a mental crisis.

What to do if things become critical

Get help in time!
If your thoughts are going round in circles, if you can't sleep or get out of bed, if you're just hanging out in front of your computer or smartphone, if you don't give a fuck about anything and anyone, if you hurt yourself, if every little thing infuriates you and you could cry over trivialities or fly off the handle, or if you snap at your fellow man because of trifles it will be about time to get yourself support. If you know someone in your family or circle of friends who can help you, that’s great, call them and ask when they’ve got time for you. If not: make an appointment at a counselling centre or with a psychotherapist.

The goal:
preventing to get dragged down so deep that it will be difficult to help you out of the pit again.

Get help urgently and immediately

  • if you are so desperate that everything seems completely senseless to you or if you are thinking about concrete steps how to put an end to your life, or
  • if you feel that reality is slipping away from you, that you are standing beside yourself and that you are no longer in control of what you will do next, or
  • if you become verbally aggressive: e.g. if you yell at, insult, intimidate or threaten other people, or
  • if you sexually harass other people,
  • if you feel the fierce impulse to smash everything to pieces or to use physical violence against other people,

you will need to seek help immediately.

The goal:
preventing that you or another person will be harmed.

In the event of an acute risk of self-harm and harm to others

  • if you become physically aggressive: e.g. if you throw objects around,
  • if you prevent other people from leaving the room, if you hit them, choke them, threaten them with a knife,
  • if you coerce other people sexually or if you sexually assault them,
  • if you announce or undertake activities to end your life,
  • if you can no longer control your behaviour or if your inner tension is so strong that you are guided by convictions that most people do not share and / or perceive as threatening,

the people in your immediate vicinity (flatmates, friends, partners, family, neighbours, dormitory management) may and must call the police (110) or the fire brigade (112) for help, regardless of your consent.

The goal:
protecting yourself and other people from the consequences of your behaviour.

Don't let it come to this!

Here you can get advice and help, if things become critical

In case of an acute risk to yourself or others

Fire brigade 112

or the emergency rooms of the psychiatric clinics.

If you absolutely, urgently and immediately need a contact person to calm down:

Crisis line 0800 111 0 111 (German language only)
0800 111 0 222 (German language only)
116 123 (German language only)
andwww.chatseelsorge.de (German language only)

are available day and night and anonymously.
Call when you are in need! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

If you can’t go on alone or
if you are very concerned about another person or your own safety, these contact points are there for you:

  • the psychological counselling centres
  • the socio-psychiatric service or other emergency services in your town
  • if you live in one of our dormitories: the dormitory management