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Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

Conserving natural resources and operating sustainably is part of our self-image. This happens in many ways in all our departments, through new technologies and products, improved processes, but also through our employees, who contribute with their own behaviour. Reducing energy consumption is particularly important to us. Everyone needs energy - and the Studentenwerk also needs light, heat and electricity. So there is a lot for our energy management team to do!

Sustainable energy sources

Since 1 January 2020, all facilities where we buy our own electricity have been running on 100 per cent green electricity. This includes refectories and cafeterias, halls of residence and service centres at all ten locations. Since 1 January 2021, we have been purchasing this electricity regionally from Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel. read more

Saving energy & protecting the environment

We have introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. According to these specifications, we want to optimise our energy consumption, reduce costs and contribute to environmental protection. To do this, we record the energy-related processes in the company, evaluate them and derive optimisation measures.

In 14 of our halls of residence, we provide highly efficient and climate-friendly electricity and heat through combined heat and power generation in our own combined heat and power plants.

Energy performance certificates inform the residents about the energy balances of the halls of residence.

A grey water system in the APM hall of residence in Braunschweig treats shower water so that it can be reused for flushing toilets.

In our office buildings and rooms, thermostats are linked to windows, infrared detectors are installed for water taps and instead of permanent lights, light switches are equipped with motion sensors.

In 2020, the fluorescent lights in the dining hall of refectory 1 were switched to LED - this uses 81% less energy. The lighting in the remaining refectories will also be gradually converted to LED.

Thermal insulation of the steam and hot water piping was carried out in the boiler house of refectory 1.

Dosing aids for cleaning agents facilitate resource-saving dosing.

In the washing machines of our dormitories, a detergent is used that is biodegradable, bears the EU Ecolabel and contains surfactants from European cultivation. In our own washing machines, we use the 60° C programme instead of 95° C, thus saving energy.

Avoiding & recycling waste

In the Kost-Nix room in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the Give-and-Take room in Braunschweig, students can pass on things they no longer need to others.

Packaging material is collected and reused.

Use paper sparingly and, where possible, use digital or ecological alternatives (e.g. print on recycled paper, information on website instead of in a flyer, etc.).


Use of video conferencing to avoid business trips

The vehicle fleet of the Studentenwerk has been expanded to include e-cars.

In harmony with nature

Bird nesting boxes have been installed in various halls of residence, insect hotels have been set up and wildflower meadows and raised beds have been created.